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खुर्जा देवी मंदिर
Khurja Devi Temple
Category Others

Khurja Devi Temple is situated in Khurja tehsil of Bulandshahr district. It is the center of main faith of the…

Khurja Pottery
Khurja Pottery Industry
Category Others

The crockery of Khurja Pottery Industry in Bulandshahr district is very famous not only in India but also in foreign…

Childeren Park
Children Park
Category Adventure

Children Park is located in Ganga Nagar Colony of Bulandshahr district and it is a center of special attraction for…

Kala Aam Chauraha

Kala Aam Chauraha is situated in the center of Bulandshahr district.

Kuchesar Mud Fort
Mud Fort

Kuchesar Fort, also known as the Mud Fort, is an 18th-century fort located in Kuchesar, India. Built in 1734,it is…

Clock-Tower Malka Park
Clock Tower

Clock Tower is in Central of District Bulandshahr and is situated in Malka Park Bulandshahr.