Places of Interest

Karnavas –

In the time of mahabharat this was the place of great king karna where he used to donate to 50 kg of gold every day. Here is located the famous temple of godess kalyani.
Ahar – On the bank of river ganga is situated the famous temple of godess avantika & another one temple of shiv.

Belon –

The famous temple of godess belon is situated here.
Anoopshahr – An old town famous for pilgrimages situated on the river ganga. several religious bathings and festivals are organised all the year round.

Rajghat –

On the bank of ganga, several temples are located here. the special temple of lord hanuman which has 40 feet high statue of monkey god.

Valipura –

Scenic place in bulandshahr on the local river van chetna kendra ( forest life conciousness) centre is located here managed by government forest department.

Narora –

World fame nuclear power plant is located here. a barrage is made on river ganag from where several canals originate. a good picnic spot and a big park is located here. it is 65 km from bulandshahr.

Khurja –

17 Km. from bulandshahr on gt road towards aligarh known as pottery town.

Chola –

Bibcol ,the polio vaccine factory with russian colloboration is situated here.

Sikandrabad –

The industrial area of district bulandshahr is located here which is 18 km. from bulandshahr towards delhi on main gt road. various textile, paint, pharmaceutical, cement, steel, electronic industries are located here.