Narora is located on the banks of river Ganges, in district Bulandshahar, Uttar Pradesh. A nuclear power plant is located in its vicinity.
It has an average elevation of 174 metres (571 ft). It is about 150 kilometres (93 mi) away from Delhi. It is nearly 150 km from the National Capital Delhi. Narora is famous for its various Ghats as it is an important destination for the ritual of Ganga Snana by millions of pilgrims from nearby areas Narora can be reached form Delhi by U.P.S.R.T. Corporation bus service (U.P. Govt. Roadways) from Anand Vihar bus stand (Delhi to Badaun route).
The nearest bus station is 500 metres (1,600 ft) from Narora. For holy dip in the Ganges several ghats are Rajghat, Karnvaas, Narvar, Kalakatti, Ramghat etc. Dolphins are seen between a 160 kilometres (99 mi) stretch in the upper part of the Ganges between Bijnor and Narora Barrage.