Ceramic articles have provided great services to the mankind from the ancient times. It is one of the oldest craft from ancient times to modern age and yet it plays a dominant role in our every day life. In fact pottery is the measure of country's civilizations.

With the progress of the civilization, the ceramic industry grew and at present has a substantial contribution to the national economy. It was also contributed substantially towards health and sanitation through making of hospital wares sanitary wares etc. Ceramics also play a dominant through power generation and distribution in form of high and low tension insulators.

Brief History of the Industry

Khurja has become a centre of ceramic industry having about 500 in small scale sector. In local language the Khurja means the waste land. The history of Khurja pottery goes back to about 600 years ago when some of potters families moved from Delhi to Khurja during the region of Mohammed Bin Tuglak. Starting with red pottery they moved to introduce blue glaze on red clay articles.

A great contributory factor towards the setting up of the concentration of small scale ceramic industries in Khurja is the positive attitude of the government of Uttar Pradesh. Since 1942 the U.P.govt. decided to set up a ceramic factory at Khurja. At that time the factory was equipped with three small kilns , two chimenys, three ball mills. In 1949, U.P. govt. made thoughtful consideration of the utilization of the machinery and other capitals goods and converted it into a Govt. Pottery Development Centre, which has promoted the development of the industry.